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Benefits of Using a CNC router

If you’re looking to purchase a CNC router but aren’t sure where to start, Stoney CNC can help. CNC is short for computer numerical control router, which is essentially a cutting machine that is computer controlled, thereby making it automatic. It is used to cut various materials such as wood, aluminium, plastics, glass, composites and many others that are used in building and construction. The CNC machine has revolutionalised how the cutting of materials is done and this has come with benefits as follows.

CNC routerBoosts Volumes in Terms of Production

Upon entering the design parameters and specifications, the CNC machine will execute quantities that are substantial whilst offering flexibility in terms of scalability. This can be experienced with the JBEC series professional machines which can be able to mill materials at an optimal rate of 6,000mm/min with the possibility of scaling up to 10, 000mm/min. This translates to higher productivity for the workshop which tends to be good for the businesses’ bottom line. A machine like the JBEC 1259012 CNC router which is the largest machine we have is quite suitable for large workshops given its reliability, speed and efficiency.

Fewer Labour Costs

CNC machines like the JBEC professional machines require the input of parameters for onward execution. This means that the machine cuts down on the man-hours required to produce accurate and professionally done products. A skilled operator has the option of operating several autonomous CNC machines, thereby enabling the business to lower labour costs per unit of output. The savings that accrue on labour can be passed on to the end consumer thereby making the business more competitive.

Products Made with CNC Machines are Uniform

CNC router outputs are an exact match. This is opposed to conventional machines that will produce components that vary, even with skilled engineers. The JBEC series CNC machines produce perfect matches to the specifications of the prototype, even with the smallest machine which is the JBEC 604012 CNC machine.

CNC Machines are Safer to Operate

Our JBEC series CNC machines provide operators with a safe distance from the sharp tools that catalyze the likelihood of danger to happen. This is in direct contrast to the conventional drills, punches and other tools which expose operators to risks of being harmed, given the fact that the operators come into direct contact with the execution process.

Given the above benefits, it is only prudent for businesses to use CNC machines for increased savings, lowering employee costs, and enhanced safety. This will have an effect of making the business more competitive in the marketplace whilst ensuring that the customer gets quality products which can come in handy in terms of customer referrals. For further assistance, please call Stoney CNC‘s router specialists on 01432 607 908 or email