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Price comparison

Please have a look for a rough price comparison between the three machine types. Please have a good look at all the information regarding each machine in the rest of the site as this will help you make a more informed enquiry to us about your CNC needs. Please contact us for more information. Every machine specification is different so feel free to ask for help with your specific needs and requirements.


The STEPCRAFT is geared towards intro/hobby/DIY type applications and is an excellent intro into the CNC world. The STEPCRAFT runs on the same integrated software offering that can be ran on a windows PC. This is the same system that we use on the professional routers so future upgrades are made easy.

JBEC Intermediate CNC

The Intermediate machines are more heavy duty with a heavier frame and drive system than the STEPCRAFT system, however they are still aimed at hobby/DIY type duty cycles and usage. Despite the stiffer frame these machines are not intended as production machines.

JBEC Professional CNC routers

The Professional CNC routers are the production spec offering in our range. With their stiff frame and ability to take a full three phase spindle, the professional machines are designed for a production type environment. There are a range of spindles and extras depending on your needs. So have a good look at the site – there is lots of information on the systems – and then feel free to contact us.

Stepcraft CNC

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Rapid feed speed: 1,800 (mm/min)

Drive system: Ballscrew | Solid Nut

Drive Technology: Steppers (19V DC)

Accuracy: +/- 0.05mm

Passage Height: 100mm

Machine table:

JBEC LCS CNC Intermediate

from £2,775

Rapid feed speed: 6,000 (mm/min) **Can operate at 10,000mm/min but we recomment 6,000mm/min

Drive system: Ball screw (all axes)

Drive Technology: High Power stepper motor

Accuracy: +/- 0.02mm

Passage Height: 120mm (optionally limitless)

Machine table: MDF bed (Tslot optional)

400 x 320 x 110mm: £2,775

600 x 420 x 110mm: £3,250

1000 x 580 x 110mm £4,255

JBEC CNC Professional

from £4.250

Rapid feed speed: 6,000 (mm/min) **Can operate at 10,000mm/min

Drive system: Ball screw (all axes)

Drive Technology: High Power stepper motor

Accuracy: +/- 0.02mm

Passage Height: 150mm (optionally limitless)

Machine table: T-Slot Aluminium table

600 x 400 x 125mm: £4,250

1000 x 650 x 125mm: £5,250

1250 x 900 x 125mm: £5,980

Drive systems

All our CNC router offerings run on Ballscrews. We do not use leadscrews or belt drives. While backlash associated with leasdscrews can be compensated for in software – we believe the optimum way to eliminate backlash is to minimise backlash in the drive system. This is why we use only Ballscrews. This allows us to run the machines quicker and the result is they last longer, are more efficient so we get more torque, and they are more accurate than leadscrews.

Fully Integrated Software for CNC control

As discussed in other pages on this site relevant to the CNC routers, we offer and support a fully integrated CAD/CAM and Machine control package with our CNC routers.

We can turn your windows PC (XP, 7 or 8) into a fully integrated CNC control system. We believe the user should be able to tweak designs, change toolpaths and run the machine all from the same system. We don’t believe in using overcomplicated software or using flash drives to transfer toolpaths.

Please have a look at the software sections of the Professional and STEPCRAFT router pages on the site.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.