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What Is CNC Turning?

In the past, shaping metal, plastic, and wood required physical supervision by a human operator. The result was irregular shapes of inaccurate measurements. The introduction of computer numeric control (CNC), ensures a high level of accuracy and perfectly shaped material.

CNC turning CNC turning is the process of creating custom components using a lathe. The use of computers to control the process ensures precision and attention to even the smallest details. So, what does CNC turning involve? And can we use CNC in plasma cutting?

How CNC Turning Works

The turning process involves rotating a piece of material while a lathe removes some of the material to create desired shapes. The controls set ensure the production of accurate diameters and thickness. You can perform CNC machining on both the outer and inner diameters depending on the configurations you desire. With CNC turning, multiple actions are automated, reducing the need for a human supervisor. As long as the system has the correct measurements, there is no chance of errors.

Is CNC Suitable for Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a popular method of shaping metals; the hand-held plasma torch is useful in carving small shapes from a metal sheet. However, precision and smooth edges are not achievable with the hand-held tools. The introduction of CNC makes the process a lot easier, and the result is of high quality. Nowadays, a programmed computer directs the plasma torch and controls the entire process. Plasma cutting involves the introduction of an electric charge to the gas. Once the gas is charged, it moves through the metal rod melting the work piece. Compressed gas moving at high speed separates the molten, leaving the work piece in perfect shape.

What Are the Different Types of Plasma Cutters?

Depending on your fabrication needs, you can choose from the three types of plasma cutters, including air plasma, mixed-gas, and high definition plasma cutters. The air plasma cuts through the metal piece using clean, electrically charged air, whereas mixed-gas plasma cutters use a mixture of gases to generate a plasma stream. Using a mixed-gas plasma cutter produces better results in comparison to air plasma. Apart from the clean edges, it can cut through thicker materials. The high definition plasma cutter has a nozzle which narrows the arc, thereby achieving a high energy density. The result is a clean cut face of superior quality.

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