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Improving CNC Design To Minimise Production Costs

Finding new ways to reduce production costs is a constant challenge for manufacturers. Taking the time to evaluate and improve the CNC design process before production begins is an invaluable asset to optimising efficiency and quality. The list below offers some examples of how you can utilise within your business.

  • Keeping it simple

CNC designSimplicity is key when seeking to minimise production costs. Simple product designs are not only faster to manufacture but will typically require less material, keeping front-end costs low and reducing waste. However, such simple designs are not always possible depending on your customer’s requirements. Therefore, keeping the CNC design as straightforward as you can will be of great benefit. The fewer tools needed to make the product will not only reduce the setup time for the CNC system but will also mean it is easier to assemble and cheaper to maintain over the longer term.

  • Choosing the right tools

While it is tempting to use custom-made tooling to offer a unique product design, the reality is that using CNC tools which are already on the market is more cost-effective. Commercial tools purchased from a reputable supplier are easier to source and replace when required.

  • Making the process automatic

One of the major advantages of CNC production is the reduction in labour costs.

By taking the time at the design stage to assess how much of the manufacturing process can be automated, you can identify where unnecessary overheads can be reduced. This will be of great benefit to smaller manufacturers looking to gain a secure foothold in increasingly competitive markets.

  • Maximising production

It goes without saying that the more products that can be manufactured at one time, the lower the unit cost of each product will be. These savings can then be passed on to the end user, offering your business a useful economic advantage. However, maximising production does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality for quantity. Efficient CNC system design will help you strike a fine balance between the two.

  • How we can help

Stoney CNC can assist you throughout the CNC design process to provide you with a cost-effective system that will satisfy all your production requirements.

In addition to offering a range of CNC routing and milling systems, Stoney also specialise in training, consultancy and full after sales support to ensure that you have the opportunity to find the best CNC solution for your business.

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