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CNC Router Questions Answered | Stoney CNC Blog

CNC Router Questions Answered

The use of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology in manufacturing has made the production of complex products much easier compared to a time when the CNC machines were not available. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions concerning a CNC router and other CNC machines plus their comprehensive answers.

Is it Worth it to have a CNC Machine?

JBEC routerWhether or not one should consider having a CNC machine is a matter of the results you seek to see from your daily manufacturing. Once you analyse the type of efficiency you need in terms of accurate cuttings, designs and fittings, then you can gauge whether getting a CNC machine is worth it. What is sure is that workers and carpenters who use CNC machines enjoy reduced wastes, more production in less time and lower labour costs. In the long-run, they end up saving more than they used to buy CNC machines.

Defining the G and M Codes

G codes in CNC programming stand for geometric codes, which control the operations that the machine handles. On the other hand, M codes are programming languages used with CNC machines to operate the machine and not its functionalities. Some of the functions these codes enable include programming the ATC system, the spindle and the coolant on or off. Basically, all codes used on CNC machines are classified into either G or M codes, depending on the results they bring forth.

Defining CNC Operation

CNC operation, also commonly known as CNC machining, is the process by which a CNC machine manipulates manufacturing tools to create a product desired and described by the manufacturer. For example, for a CNC router, the manufacturer or carpenter programs the router to help in cutting wood, glass or whichever material is in use. CNC operations range from starting the machine to loading all necessary tools, through dry runs and adjustments to having a complete product and switching off the machine.

CNC Machines are Available in how many Types?

CNC machines are used for different purposes within different industries. The most common CNC machines include:

  • Routers for cutting prototypes and complex shapes
  • Milling for drilling
  • Plasma cutters for 2D cutting and moulding
  • Laser cutters that operate the same way as plasma cutters only that they use lasers rather than plasma torches
  • Lathes for 3D cutting and moulding

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