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CNC Machining Extra Parts

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machining is a digital manufacturing technology that generates high-precision parts with impressive physical properties straight from a CAD file. The CNC machining is mainly designed to make functional products and tools. However, the efficiency of the machining process can be enhanced if some extra parts are added.

CNC machiningHere are some of the parts that you might need to add:

  • CAM or CAD Software

A conventional CNC machine can produce tools and products with slight variations. However, in the manufacturing of this kind, precision is crucial. To eliminate these small variations in CNC milling, CAD or CAM software can help. This software is installed on a computer to generate identical products and tools. You can get this software from Stoney CNC, which is delivered and installed ready for use.

  • Display Unit

The display unit provides the machine with the various specifications needed, especially when dealing with the graphic simulation of the tools or any information related to the operation in general.

  • Rotary Table

The rotary table enhances the efficiency of the CNC machine because it rotates the work piece for precise machining. Moreover, milling processes are not always static; they tend to move depending on the designs that you wish to produce.

  • Pallet Changer

Removing and placing new work piece to the CNC milling machine manually not only wastes your time but also exposes the person doing it to serious safety risks. To eliminate such risks, Stoney CNC can install a pallet changer for you that will remove and replace work pieces automatically to save your time and protect you and your technicians.

  • Spindle Coolant System

Since the CNC machine is mechanical, it will overheat during its operation. Overheating of any machine is not good news because it could affect the healthy operation of the machine greatly, something that will trickle down to affect the production process. To minimise your losses, Stoney CNC can install a spindle coolant system for you to cool and lubricate your CNC machine for smoother operations.

At Stoney CNC, you can get a wide range of CNC milling systems from the entry-level machines to full production machines. Here, you will get impressive CNC machines that are stable, capable of delivering high-cutting performance in a wide range of applications. Moreover, the machines are built professionally to deliver high-quality standards.

If you are looking for high-quality CNC machining extra parts, Stoney CNC is the right place for you. We won’t disappoint!

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