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CNC Machining in PCB Assembly

Introducing the FogBuster Coolant Sprayer System

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Thanks to 3D printing algorithms and CNC routers, it is possible to replicate the world’s highest peaks Sometimes, the weather may be too warm or inclement for scaling the north face of Knockboy. In these cases, wannabe Chris Bonningtons turn to indoor climbing walls. In most cases, they do not replicate any of the world’s... Read More
Where PCB assembly meets CNC machining Most electronics hobbyists create prototype projects on Veroboard, which is a perforated board. This is a popular option if you lack access to etching equipment, as used in PCB assembly. In the old days, you sketched a circuit board, created a transparent transfer, then used a UV box to... Read More
Here at Stoney CNC, we have developed a revolutionary CNC machine coolant… the FogBuster Coolant Sprayer System. If you’re looking to replace flood coolant, consider our portable machine coolant system. The design of the FogBuster system is unique, providing optimal performance, high volumes and low risk, you really cannot go wrong with the spray mist... Read More
Due to modern advances in technology, it’s fair to say that CNC machine tools are preferred over conventional machining methods. CNC machinery has more advantages than conventional machinery because it offers a more accurate result. With CNC machinery, you needn’t worry about the maintenance because there’s little down time, giving you the opportunity to save... Read More
If you’re looking to choose a CNC supplier you can trust, you needn’t look any further than Stoney CNC! Do your research Before you make any final decisions, we suggest you look at a range of suppliers, getting a rough idea of what product is right for you. Find out how the products are priced... Read More
If you’ve ever wondered what tool deflection is, Stoney CNC is the expert when it comes to providing you with a reasonable explanation. Notice how there is always a hole that is smaller at the bottom than the top once you have milled a hole into it, using high-speed machinery? The reason for this is... Read More
When selecting the correct CNC system for your company, you can come up against a barrage of confusing information and a choice overload. Securing the optimum machine for your requirements can result in the difference between an onslaught of potential design flaws down the line or a product’s successful and lucrative manufacturing, so doing your... Read More
Modern technology has enabled CNC machines to offer more flexibility and production accuracy than ever before. However, we still need to highlight the fact that preventative maintenance is the best way to make certain that your unit remains efficient and accurate at all times. A bit of foresight can go a long way towards extending... Read More
The AXIOM CNC router has ballscrews on XY and Z and the UCCNC controller can be used to produce a 3D shape. The 3D shape was imported into VcarvePRO. VcarvePRO was then used to produce the Gcode for the roughing and finishing passes of the part. These were then uploaded in turn into the UCCNC... Read More
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