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Keeping Your CNC Machine in Top Working Condition

3D machining with the AXIOM CNC router

The AXIOM CNC router has ballscrews on XY and Z and the UCCNC controller can be used to produce a 3D shape. The 3D shape was imported into VcarvePRO. VcarvePRO was then used to produce the Gcode for the roughing and finishing passes of the part. These were then uploaded in turn into the UCCNC... Read More
Land Rover Defender CNC router The AXIOM CNC Router was used to machine a Land Rover Defender out of 3mm traffolyte. The CNC milling was done with a 1mm up cut cutter to allow the small radius fillets to work out properly.
What is a CNC Machine? A CNC machine is any machine tool that can be run using a CNC (computer numerical control) system. Using a computer as the core operator of machine tools is a way of ensuring that an extremely high level of accuracy is introduced to the manufacturing cycle. CNC machining has allowed... Read More