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AXIOM CNC ALU Performance upgrade kit

AXIOM CNC Router Performance upgrade kit

StoneyCNC offer the AXIOM CNC router system with a performance upgrade kit. This kit is designed to maximise accuracy and stability. This is especially important when machining alloys or when looking to achieve very precise Z cutting depth. MDF tends to change shape over the course of a day!

  • Fully aluminium sacrificial layer for AXIOM CNC router
  • Transform the work piece clamping Z tolerance
  • MDF changes shape with moisture. Aluminium doesn’t
  • Fully integrated FOGBUSTER mounting system
  • Option of Mcode controlled FOGBUSTER on and off control
Aluminium Fingers

The standard MDF sacrificial fingers are replaced with high strength 6 series aluminium fingers. The aluminium fingers maintain a much better Z tolerance than MDF. MDF tends to change shape over the course of a day due to moisture.
The aluminium fingers are a far more stable solution.

  • 6 series aluminium fingers/li>
  • Transform Z tolerance stability
  • A must for detailed precise engraving
  • Machine the alloy fingers with the machine
  • The most stable sacrificial Z work piece support system
FOGBUSTER Minimal sprayer system

The FOGBUSTER minimal sprayer system allows a cool wet stream of air and coolant to be pointed at the cutting zone. The cooling air spray greatly improves chip clearance and keeps the cutter cool. We supply an integrated FOGBUSTER mount that sits around the bottom of the spindle This allows multi degree of freedom clamping of the FOGBUSTER mixing heads

  • FOGBUSTER minimal sprayer cooling system/li>
  • Transform stability in Aluminium processing
  • Improved chip clearance at the cutting zone
  • Improved cutting zone cooling
  • Coolant % in the spray fully adjustable
CNC controlled air feed switch system

StoneyCNC can supply the AXIOM CNC controller system with an air solenoid allowing M code control of the air supply to your FOGBUSTER. The UCCNC controller can control on/off air feed to the FOGBUSTER system.

  • Optional electronic solenoid for air control
  • Turn FOGBUSTER on and off automatically
  • Synchronise air feed with spindle
  • Fully M code controlled air feed
  • High quality back EMF protected system
Detailed Engraving!

Look closely at the image of the eagle to see the accuracy of the Z depth of cut. The white traces are almost to shallow to touch. Only a very stable and accurate Z work piece clamping setup would allow this level of accuracy.
Typically the level of accuracy achieved here is usually only realised with a floating head system in the Z axis.

  • Machined aluminium sacrificial fingers stabilise the Z tolerance
  • Very reliable Z depth for engraving
  • Exceptional engraving capacity