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Automating Your Plasma Cutter

Benefits of An Automated Plasma Cutter

If you are in need of a solution for tough cutting jobs, a plasma cutter is the real deal. The tool has made a name in cutting a variety of metals.

plasma cutterThe tool is characterised by a plasma torch which is connected to a computer. This is a powerful tool that will help your organisation to cut the cost of production and maximise profits. It will help your organisation to slash labour time drastically and reduce the overall cost of fabrication department.

Computerised Plasma Cutting Machine

CNC (computer numerical control) has two main components. The first item is the cutting tool itself and a customised computer. This technologically-enhanced cutting method enables one to cut metal in high degree of accuracy that could be a bit difficult to do while using the traditional cutting method.

The tool is directed by a computer that has a sophisticated software. With the help of the modelling software, designers can create high end templates to communicate with the cutting machine. Signals are used to transfer information from the computer to the cutting tool.

Before, using a plasma cutter machine, make sure you have undergone intensive technical training. To be a full baked operator, you need to have extensive knowledge of both the theory and the practical techniques. The training will equip you with techniques of cutting metals in less time and accuracy.

The Plasma Cutting Process

Traditional cutting machines are characterised by the use of drill bits and saw blades among other mechanical tools. Technology advancement has brought unprecedented growth in the realm of metal cutting. Using a computerised machine, cutting is done by focusing a stream of electricity on the metal to melt it. When electricity is focused on a metal, a form of ionised gas known as plasma travels through it to weaken the electrons on that particular point. The primary purpose of the electrical current is to melt the metal while the plasma removes any form of molten metal from the area on focus. Blowing the molten metal away creates room for easier cutting.

Advantages of Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting has a couple of benefits which has led to unmatched growth in many companies. This method can be used to cut metals as thick as six inches under high temperatures. Here are several benefits of this cutting approach.

Cost effective – the process is affordable and reliable compared to other cutting methods.

Cutting speed – the speed of this cutting approach is incredible. It is five times faster than traditional cutting methods.

Materials remain cool – even if the process involves the use of high temperature, computerised cutting systems keep surfaces of materials cool. This can go a long way in preventing damage and warping of paints.

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