Stoney CNC technology empowers you with the freedom to create any design, idea, or
production process you have in a variety of materials offering the ultimate R+D and production tool.

Parts can be generated digitally on a computer with user friendly software and reproduced exactly in the real world.

Our routers are developed for the UK and Irish market place in conjunction with JBEC and our German machine builder delivering German quality machines with local English speaking expert support.

The design of our machines delivers table top stiff box section frame construction for reliable long term stability. High torque motors powered with tried and tested industry standard electronics power the ballscrew drive system resulting in the most efficient, low maintenance, high Performance, backlash free linear movement system available for CNC applications.

Supported by the JBEC work shop facility with 25 years’ experience in automotive and tool making.,

Experts in control electronics and software. We supply and install on site in person offering full support and remote login service for extended training and timely support.